Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Day on the Hiwassee

Made it out to the Hiwassee on Friday, and it was a beautiful day. Took the day off work and made it to the river around 10:00. When we got there, it was about an hour until the pulse was scheduled to start. So we made our way across the water and into place. Saw quite a few BWO's and Hendricksons coming off, but no rising fish. So, we chose to start off with nymphs, so I started with a BHPT and a hare's ear nymph. Managed to catch 2 about 30 minutes into the morning, then things slowed once the pulse hit. However, as the water was just starting to come down the run I was fishing exploded. I caught 5 between 10 and 13 inches in about 30 minutes, the best of which can be seen to the left. Since I had to be back in Knoxville at 5:00, we started packing to leave around 3:00, the beginning of the best fishing time. As we were leaving, ran into 2 guys who said the day had been slow, but I believe they had been fishing dries most of the day. We caught no fish on dries today, and only saw a couple of small stockers rising to dries while on the river. The fly of choice today was a black bead head pheasant tail, as seen below. The black bead seemed to make a difference, since the action was much more consistent than when I had a gold bead on. I lost a good number of fish, most were stockers, but one was a decent sized rainbow.

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