Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still no fishing

I haven't been on the river in 4 weeks, and I am going nuts. It doesn't look like I will be getting out there this weekend either, but Friday the 31st is game on. I just hope the article in the News Sentinel doesn't bring people out of every corner looking to get in on the action. I believe that article was a plug for Orvis Sevierville and trying to boost their guide service. It primarily talked about the phenomenal spring fishing on the Clinch and people catching 70 fish per day. Yes, the spring sulfur hatch was something to see, but most people will not have that kind of success on the Clinch. I have had some amazing days on the Clinch this past year, but days like the paper was reporting are very rare. The casual angler should not expect that kind of success. I just hope that that article doesn't have a negative impact on the fishery for a short while.

I can't wait for football season and deer season to get here and the river will be much less crowded on the weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Update

Well, most of my business trips for the month are over now, but I still am unable to head to the river. I just had sinus surgery, and need to wait about another week for everything to heal up before I venture out for an extended period. I don't see me getting onto the river before Saturday the 25th, but that is better than not fishing at all. The good news is that I am planning on taking advantage of being at home to restock my fly supplies over the course of the next few days.

Stay tuned for a report as soon as I get out, and also expect to see another lens review shortly.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day at the Park

Saturday we spent the day at a local state park where we rented out a building to celebrate July 4th. This small local park is probably the place where I officially learned to fish, and I don't visit it often enough. When GSMNP is overrun by tourists, this small park is just about perfect. Yes it does get a little crowded, but not nearly as smothering as the droves of people who swarm on Townsend and Gatlinburg.

Below are a few pics from the day, and I do plan on going back much sooner than later.

We Cooked Hard

We Ate Hard

We Napped Hard

We Even Caught Some Bluegill

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have been using thingamabobber strike indicators for quite some time now. I have to tell you that they are by far the best indicator I have ever used. However, they do require some modification in order to get the best performance out of them. Straight out of the package they work just fine, but they do tend to slip some on your leader. I use the 1/2" size 90% of the time since they are perfectly sized for the smaller nymphs and midges I frequently use. Below is how I modify them to reduce line slippage and they even seem to reduce line twist.

First I buy a package of small O-rings from Lowe's plumbing department. The smallest size that I can find is usually just about perfect.

I then cut them and slip them through the hole on the indicator.

Finally, I super glue the O-ring back together.

When fishing I loop my leader thru the O-ring instead of the standard loop on the bottom.

Busy July Schedule

As I mentioned in my previous post, July is going to be busy. So busy in fact that I may not even be able to get on the water. I have business trips and a sinus surgery that will keep me occupied. Typically my travels take me to destinations where I can at least entertain the thought of bringing my fly rod along and doing a little fishing. However, this month I will be travelling to western Iowa. West Iowa, the land of corn, cows, and not much else. The only piece of water I have seen the past week is the muddy Missouri as it winds its way past the plant. At least the weather has been nice, but it is only the 2nd and I am ready for this month to be over already.

19" Clinch River Brown