Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, I had planned on going to the South Holston today, but my work had other plans for me. Last week I was informed that I would be travelling over to Orangeburg, SC for the week to supervise the startup and testing of one of our units. Luckily, this time was quite different than the usual trip. Typically they like to send me to the upper midwest in the winter, oh what fun.... Last year in January and February I spent 3 weeks in Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. During the Minnesota and Iowa trips the weather never got out of the 20's and it snowed nearly every day. This week temps in SC were in the 60's and Wednesday was in the upper 70's. That was quite a welcome sight.

However, after being gone from my wife and son for the week, I couldn't bring myself to spend an entire day in NE TN fishing. So, I chose to stay at home today and enjoy my family time. If things work out, I may make the trip on Sunday. I would like to find a fishing partner though, it just isn't as enjoyable driving that far to fish by myself. The forecast is not that bad, I am just afraid that I will get into some serious combat fishing on Sunday.

As I have said in previous posts, I try to do the majority of my fishing on weekdays to avoid the crowds. It seems like fewer people than ever understand anything about fishing etiquette, and that really aggravates me. Oh well, until next time, try to get out there and enjoy the experience that is winter-time fly fishing.

God Bless and Tight Lines

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