Monday, February 2, 2009

First Trip of 2009

I am writing this report from Phoenix while on a business trip, so it will be brief.

This past Saturday, I couldn't wait any longer to get out and try the new rod. However, TVA was determined to keep me from fishing any of the local tailwaters. So I ended up deciding on Little River thru Townsend in hopes of getting a few of the winter stockers there.

When I arrived at the river, I checked the water temps and it was around 40 degrees. Not a very good sign. I put on a wire bodied stonefly nymph and a zebra midge and began to dredge the deep runs. After an hour of this with not even a bump, I switched up locations and techniques. Still no luck. I then chose to change locations, and went with a small BHPT on bottom. That didn't even work. So after about 3 hours of fishing in town and not even a strike, I chose to call it a day. The most depressing part of this trip is that this is the first skunking I have had in over 40 consecutive trout fishing trips. Oh well, all streaks must end, and now I can begin working on my next one. Daniel Drake put it in terms that I really like. He said, "People can extend streaks for a very long time if they only fish under ideal conditions. Very few people will have productive days if they are fishing in the dead of winter in 40 degree water." I have to agree with that.

If I can get some decent pics while out here in desert land, I will throw them up when I return. By the way, it is snowing today back home, and it was 78 degrees here. It is going to be in the 80's for the next 3 days..... GOTTA LOVE IT!

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