Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dad's First Fly Fishing Trip

I was planning on taking dad to the South Holston for a weekend long camping trip for Father's Day. However, the generation schedule did not look favorable, so we opted to fish this morning. The only other time dad had a fly rod in his hand was at Big Ridge State Park, and that was only for about 15 minutes. I spent quite a bit of time trying to help him with his casting, and once he got over the fear of breaking the rod he started getting the hang of it. His casting motion was so slow and careful since he was afraid that he couldn't put much oomph behind the cast. I rigged him up and put him in a run that typically is loaded with easy fish, and walked below him to do some coaching and a little fishing of my own.

On my second cast I hooked into this colorful guy, and dad got all excited.

He could see the fish swimming around and rising, but just could not get the distance on his cast. Eventually he managed to get enough distance and the correct drift and hooked up with his first fly caught trout.

A little while later he caught his second, and he ended the day with about half a dozen. I told him that those were pretty good results for a first timer on the Clinch.

Dad kept wanting to see a brown trout, and I managed to bring this guy to hand just before leaving. He was just as excited, you would have thought he had caught it himself.

As we were leaving, he was telling me that this is something that he could get into. I hope he does, it was a very enjoyable day, and I look forward to many more with him and hopefully someday my son.

Weather: Mostly Sunny 93 degrees
Water Temp: 53 degrees
# Fish Landed: 20+ (4 in the slot)
Very crowded river. Numerous waders and at least 6 boats drifted by while fishing.


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...


That's just about the best gift you could give a dad. I think you may have passed on the tradition (and addiction) of fly fishing.

Looks like you guys had a great trip on the Clinch. I'll be up that way in July, so we'll have to met on the Clinch one of these days.


Travis said...

Just shoot me an email when you want to meet.

JMaslar said...

Nice Fish, nice Dad. I am working on fishing with my 4 year old grand daughter.

19" Clinch River Brown