Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still no fishing

I haven't been on the river in 4 weeks, and I am going nuts. It doesn't look like I will be getting out there this weekend either, but Friday the 31st is game on. I just hope the article in the News Sentinel doesn't bring people out of every corner looking to get in on the action. I believe that article was a plug for Orvis Sevierville and trying to boost their guide service. It primarily talked about the phenomenal spring fishing on the Clinch and people catching 70 fish per day. Yes, the spring sulfur hatch was something to see, but most people will not have that kind of success on the Clinch. I have had some amazing days on the Clinch this past year, but days like the paper was reporting are very rare. The casual angler should not expect that kind of success. I just hope that that article doesn't have a negative impact on the fishery for a short while.

I can't wait for football season and deer season to get here and the river will be much less crowded on the weekend.

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