Monday, July 4, 2011

Introducing New Fly Tying Tutorials Page

At the top of my blog, just below my banner, you will find a Fly Tying Tutorial page. I will be working to populate that page with some of my favorite flies. Today, I have added the first of these how-to segments with my first subject being a Sulfur Sparkledun. Give it a look, and I hope that maybe you learn a new pattern or trick from these tutorials.

Tight Lines and God Bless!


Matthew Timbs said...

Ooh can I request one? At troutfest a couple of years ago you were nice enough to show me several flies (I was at your tying table) and it was very helpful to me. I'd like to see you give a tutorial for the split-case nymph. I've tied a few trying to remember how you had done it but I'm sure I'm not doing it right...

--Matt (Mundele on the LRO forum)

Matthew Timbs said...
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Travis said...


Thanks! I couldn't decide whether to do the split-case or the BHPT for my next tutorial. I guess you helped me make up my mind.

19" Clinch River Brown