Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

We took mamaw and papaw to Fairfield Glade this weekend for a little cruising and fishing. Caught a cooler full of slab sided gills just coming off the beds. Here is are some shots of my son all excited with a couple of his fish.
It has been a very busy spring so far, and I have only been on the water once since my previous post. I hope to get out some more soon, or at least discuss some recent camping gear purchases.


David Knapp said...


It is good to see you getting out at least a little. Hope you have some more fishing in the near future...

David Knapp

Adam Wilson said...

Glad to see you were able to get Trey into some fish. I haven't been able to take Andrew as much as I would like.

I hope to see you on the river soon.

19" Clinch River Brown