Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rabbit snack-its

I thought that I would share a recipe that my kids really enjoy.  Lacking a better name, I am just calling it rabbit snack-its, and it consists of heart, liver, and random meat clippings that were left over during the cleaning stage.  

I start by prepping the pieces.  The liver is quite large and needs to be cut into thirds (follow the natural shape of the liver). Thoroughly wash all pieces.

Next roll the chunks in a mixture of flour and seasoning of your choice (I use garlic salt and a little chili powder).
I like to fry the pieces in a Teflon coated wok with the oil of your choice.  I prefer corn oil or peanut oil, but for the picture above all we had was canola oil.
Cook all pieces until the oil is mostly clear and the pieces are cooked throughout.  The heart and little meat chunks typically finish before the liver.
Serve and enjoy!  Here my son enjoys his with a side of barbecue sauce and chips.  Another popular side is mashed sweet potatoes.

Give it a try next time you kill some rabbits, it is an extremely tasty treat!

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