Friday, May 9, 2008

Awesome Afternoon on the Clinch

On the way to my parents this afternoon for an early mother's day dinner, the wife allowed me to stop by the river for a while. I was greeted by a thick sulfur hatch, even heavier than what I witnessed last week on the SoHo. Fish were rising everywhere, so I chose to go with my sulfur wulff and drop a size 16 flashback pheasant tail off it. It was the ticket. In about 90 minutes of fishing I brought 13 fish to hand, 2 brookies and the rest bows. The brookies were the smallest, both at around 9 inches, and the bows were all between 13 and 16 inches. I also had one break me off, and long distance released about 5 others. There were a couple of other guys fishing around me who my wife could see throughout the afternoon, and she said that they were having a very difficult time. All I can imagine is that they were focusing on the surface feeding fish, while I was trying to target the most active fish. It was quite possibly my best fishing afternoon ever considering the quantity and quality of all fish caught. I am going to make another trip there on Monday evening after work and see if I can pintpoint some of the larger fish. They were very predictable today, every eddy and current break I saw and cast to immediately resulted in a strike. Most of the bows were fat, and they put on quite an aerial show for those around. My wife who accompanies me frequently said that it was the most amazing fishing she has ever seen while with me, and I have to agree.

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