Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th on the Clinch

Made it out again this afternoon with the wife. Got to the river around 2:00 and fished until 4:30. There was a steady breeze all day long, and it was cloudy and cool. My thermometer was showing 64 degrees when I got there. The pulse was just coming down when I entered the water, and I could see the occasional rise. So, I tied on my usual sulfur wulff and a flashback pheasant tail and went to work. Almost instanstly I hooked up, but it got off. I immediately thought, "it is going to be a good day". Throughout the next 2 and a half hours I managed to land 6 fish between 10 and 12 inches, which is a bit down from previous trips. I could see some large bows and browns rising to the sulfurs as the hatch intensified, but I could not get them to take any of my dry offerings. I managed to snap a picture of the dun to the left, and it appeared to be different than the ones I saw on Monday. The large red eyes are absent on the specimens caught today, so there may be multiple species hatches ocurring concurrently. I am on a mission now to create the perfect dry fly match to this fly before the hatch tapers off in the next couple weeks. Depending on how my wife does, I may try to get back out again next Friday. I really should get a picture of her setting there on the river bank with her belly sticking out. It is quite the sight to see, it is amazing watching the transformation her body has undergone.


fishermansfly said...

I should have put all this in one comment but oh well! Go to and buy or copy thier sulphur sparkle dun...or PMD sparkle dun for the emergence and have thier pmd spinner pattern for the spinner fall!


David Knapp said...

Love the picture of that spinner, very nice!

19" Clinch River Brown