Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fall Fishing Trip Results

Well, the results are in, and I have to admit that the winner was what I expected, but the results were surprising.

Ohio Steelhead - 0%
Cumberland River - 83%
White River - 0%
Western North Carolina - 17%

Now keep in mind that only 6 people voted, and the last 3 days there has been a problem with the blogger poll scripts. I had a couple emails from people informing me that they were unable to vote because of this.

I fully expected the Cumberland River to win since it is reasonably close by, and was recently featured in an edition of FlyFisherman Magazine. What is surprising is that nobody voted for the Northern Ohio steelhead trip nor the Arkansas White River trip. With the gas prices what they currently are, the Cumberland trip will be the second least expensive, second to a Western NC trip. So, it looks like sometime in October I will be making a 3 or 4-day trip to Wolf Creek Dam. I need to do some research into convenient campgrounds, river maps, fly selections, guide service (if recommended), and a few other things. I have read that a boat is almost necessary to access some of the better locations, so I may see if Scott can arrange for us to have a boat while there.



David Knapp said...

Hey Travis, if you're interested in having company, let me know. I've got a week off in early October and think I'll split my time between the Cumberland and the Caney...

Trevor Smart said...

I didn't get a chance to vote, but I'll be the single vote for the white for one reason: world record brown trout.

19" Clinch River Brown