Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still no Fishing

All the rains we received during December and early January have all the tailwaters generating full force. The Clinch has been running at over 9,000 CFS for the past couple weeks, and I expect it to take another week or so before they get the lake levels down to normal.

Temperatures over the next 10 days appear to be coming back to normal for this time of year. So hopefully, if I can find a local tailwater not generating I can get out some. At least I have been getting some good tying time in lately. I am trying to extend my pattern library to include stonefly patterns. This is something I very rarely tie due to my lack of park fishing. However, there is a decent population of winter black stoneflies on the Hiwassee, if I decide to make a trip down there this year.

I will be in Phoenix the first week of February, and I wish I had time to take along my fly rod. The White Mountains are only a couple hours to the east, Lee's Ferry is probably 3 hours to the north, and the Salt River is about 45 minutes to the East. However, I think by the time the conference is over, I will be ready to come home. I was in Arizona the first week of March last year, and it was absolutely beautiful. Temps in the 70's and sunny everyday, you couldn't ask for much more. If I have time to get out and take some pics, I will post them when I return.


David Knapp said...

Oh man, I have some great memories of fishing in Arizona. The Ferry should be fishing great at that time...if I was you I'd be heading up for a day...Oak Creek up near Sedona might be a good option as well.

Travis said...

We went on vacation last year to Sedona, and it is a beautiful area. I packed my gear, but unfortunately they had a huge amount of rainfall the week before. All the streams were blown out the entire trip.

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