Monday, January 12, 2009


Things have been a little slow lately on the fishing side of things. All of the recent rains have had all the tailwaters blown out, and I don't expect to get on the water for at least another week.

However, I wanted to share with everyone that I will be at Troutfest this year as one of the fly tyers. A couple other blogger buds will also be there tying. What is Troutfest? See the link below to find out, and try to come out if you are available.


I haven't done any public demonstrations since my days tying for The Creel here in Knoxville. That has been almost 15 years ago, but I figured it was time that I come out of my comfort zone and do it again. I always enjoyed tying in front of others, so I don't really know how I got away from it. I would have my dad drop me off at the shop on his way to work (I didn't have my license yet), and I would stay there and tie and talk flyfishing all day long. Those are some good memories I had long forgotten. As the time draws near, I will probably solicit comments from you to let me know what flies you would like to see me tie if you were attending. I am definitely planning on tying Blake's Stripper Midge, Sulfur Biot Softhackle, Slumpbusters, and Woolly Buggers, but I will need a few others in my arsenal.

Until next time.....

Tight Lines and God Bless


David Knapp said...

Excellent job tying for Troutfest! Should be a good time this year with lots of great people tying...hope I'll be able to be around and make it over there! By the way, will you be at LRO next Sunday afternoon to see Hugh Hartsell? I'm going to try and make it I believe...

Travis said...

I don't know if I will be there or not. I need to get up that way for some supplies and to look at some of the Fishpond packs. However, I don't know if my wife has made other plans yet. If I do go, I probably would not be there until around 3:00.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I'll look for you, as I'll be a tyer myself...see you there in May.

Tyler, THFF

19" Clinch River Brown