Friday, March 26, 2010

Skunk Off! Clinch Treatment

Made it out today from 3:00 till 5:30, and managed to catch 4. They were very tough again today. I would watch for a consistently rising fish and have to put it right on his nose before he would take. The first fish probably required 20+ drifts before it finally took my blackfly larva. The others didn't require as much effort, but still demanded a perfect presentation.

Water temp was 42 degrees, and the wind was brutal for strike detection. Made for a tough day, but at least I got the skunk off after last trip. A steady dose of blackfly larva is just what the doctor ordered to relieve the pain and irritation of a skunking.

The Clinch is fishing really tough right now, and is showing it's bipolar characteristic. Some days people are lighting it up and others you have to force feed the trout.

Weather - Cloudy, Breezy, 46 degrees
Water - Some discoloration, 42 degrees, receding water level
Flies - midge and blackfly larva

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19" Clinch River Brown