Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 Fishing Trips

I am trying to come up with my possible fishing trips for the remainder of this year. I originally had planned to go to Colorado for 1 week in September, but I am putting that trip on hold until next year. I am looking to take two - 3 or 4 day fishing trips before the year is out. A couple options are the following:

Northern Ohio for Steelhead
Cumberland River Float
Western North Carolina Trout Trip
White River in Arkansas

I may even get a couple more trips in there while on business travel. I have a trip to Northern Arizona coming up in late July, so maybe I can hit up Oak Creek in Sedona. Maybe I could get an extra day and hit up the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam. Just a couple options.

I do know that with rising gas prices I am going to take advantage of the Clinch since it is close, and probably a few trips to the mountains. I have always been partial to the Cataloochee portion of the Smokies.

So, I am asking for your help. Please choose one of the 4 trips above in the

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David Knapp said...

Hey, if you're willing to hire a guide and float, Lee's Ferry is a great option... Speaking of Colorado, I think I might do a trip around the first of August yet again. Should be fun!!!

19" Clinch River Brown