Monday, September 29, 2008

Clinch Continues.....

Made it back out again this past Friday, and the fishing is still hot. Continued with the zebra/bhpt double nymph rig that I had so much luck with last time. However, this trip the trout were keying in on the #20 bhpt instead of the zebra midge. These trout were extremely strong, just look at the size of the tail on the one below.

I did not catch the numbers I caught last time, but the quality fish were still there. Ended the day with 5 from 14" to 18", and about 10 around 12". I am giving the Clinch a break for a few weeks. The second weekend of October I have a camping/fishing trip planned for the South Holston, and hope things work out for it. When we went this time last year, it was the transition time between exciting sulfur hatches and superb prespawn brown action. I will post another update after that trip, and until then God bless and tight lines.

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19" Clinch River Brown