Sunday, October 13, 2013

WestTrip 2013 - Part 2

Day 2 - October 6th

The second day of our trip we awoke to a temperature of 18 degrees and a heavy fog all around.  Due to some issues with our lodging arrangements, we chose to stay near town since we would be carrying all of our luggage with us until our other room was ready.  So, we chose to head over to Stagecoach Lake State Park and do some elk spotting in hopes that they had already started their annual migration to lower elevation wintering grounds.

Very Elk-y Landscape

Unfortunately, our search for elk proved to be fruitless, although the scenery was still beautiful.  Somebody had recommended that we take a short hike in town to Fish Creek Falls.  This trail is located in the Routt National Forest, and we were met with a sign stating that the park was closed due to a lapse in federal government funding.  However, numerous people were venturing up the closed roadway, and we elected to follow suit.  The snow covered roadway was hard packed with snowmobile tracks and and footprints.  We didn't bring gear for snow hiking, but chose to give it a go anyway.

The scenery was beautiful along the way.

The trail
The baby girl was giving it her best shot.

When we got there the view was spectacular.  The picture doesn't really do it justice, but way in the back there is a 283 ft waterfall.

Dad was mesmerized by the view
After spending some time here just soaking in the view and warm sunshine it was time to head back to town for some lunch.  After lunch we wandered around town while thinking about what to do after lunch.  We chose to head north to another state park, Steamboat Lake State Park.

This was also a beautiful 30 minute drive to the park, where we spent some time wandering around the visitor center.  We elected to go for a little hike behind the visitor center after talking to the ranger, however this one was much more muddy than the one earlier in the day.  So mommy and sissy turned around and went back to the car while dad, Trey, and I hiked the 1.2 mile short trail.

Hahns Peak in the Elkhead Mountains (10,839 ft)
Hahns Peak Reflection in Steamboat Lake
That wraps up day 2, as these posts just seem to grow much longer than I originally expect them to be.  Stay tuned for days 3 through 5....


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