Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Smokies Friday

Yesterday, my buddy Scott and I had planned on hitting up a local tailwater. Ordinarily a little rain does not slow us down, but yesterday neither of us were up to six hours straight of potentially significant rainfall. Especially since it would require a float, and it would be an extended day. So, we chose to run up to Little River Outfitters for some supplies, but took my rod along just in case. Scott neeeded some new Wonderline and I wanted to try out the Fishpond packs. I ended up buying the Fishpond Dragonfly, just because of the volume it could hold along with two water bottle holders. Once I take it on a trip, I will post a review.

Afterward, we drove up to Cades Cove heading to Abrams Creek or possibly Parsons Branch. We ended up not even getting the rod out, but I thought I would report back on what the water looked like. I haven't seen the Smokies streams looking this good in probably 4 years. The water temps should be very good since we had a couple days of 55+ degree rainfall. While at Parson's Branch we did notice quite a bit of bug activity. Tons of midges were hatching, some blue quills and an olive/brown caddis. I haven't heard many people mention the caddis, so that was a little surprising to me.

I need to get back up there in another week or so and give it a try. The smallie water through Walland looked phenomenal, and very tempting as well. As we were leaving, we saw three flyfisherman on the west prong right around the tunnel.

The weather is really getting nice right now in East TN, and I am anxious for my first camping trip of the year. I am debating on where to go and take Trey on his first trip. I would like to go to the South Holston, but I don't know if my wife is up to that just yet.

Until next time....

Tight Lines and God Bless


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