Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wadeable Clinch Flows Finally

Well, now that the rain runoff has subsided and the holiday weekend is upon us, TVA has backed off the generators on the Clinch. However, with it being the holiday weekend you will not see me anywhere near the water. But midweek next week, you can expect me to take a couple half days and hit the water. This week following Troutfest, I have been hard at tying lots of splitback patterns as well as various forms of pheasant tail patterns in preparation for what I hope is going to be an excellent sulfur season.

Here is what we are looking at currently on the Clinch:

midnight - 5am 0
5am - 6am 1
6am - 10am 0
10am - 2pm 1
2pm - 7pm 2 or more
7pm - midnight 0

This schedule allows me to fish downstream until 2:00 easily. So, I may have to take a couple morning fishing trips to the river, and come into work late those days. I will let you know how the sulfurs are doing, but I have word from a very capable Clinch fisherman that they are doing just fine.

Until next time, Tight Lines and God Bless.

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