Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cherokee Trophy Section

This report is a little late, but hey at least it is here.

This past Friday I met up with David Knapp from The Trout Zone to fish the trophy section over in Cherokee. I have been hearing good things about it, and David's last post really made me want to give it a try. We got to the river around 2:30, and the guy at Big Don's told us he had sold 300 permits that day. However, most of those were for the general regs waters. It didn't take long for David to get into the action. He hooked up on what must have been his first or second cast. A little later I hooked into this nice bow.
Photo by David Knapp

We ended up leaving around 6:30, and David ended the day with a fine Palomino trout. The pic can be seen on his blog, check it out.

Until next time,
Tight Lines and God Bless


tennswede said...

I love that place. I lost a huge bow on Saturday around 5 PM. He took an EHC size 14 with a slurp. I fought the fish for about five minutes then the hook popped out.

Travis said...

Tough break man. That is always frustrating when that happens. It was my first trip there, and definitely not my last. However, my next trip will probably a mid-week trip.

Alan Folger said...

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JMaslar said...

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